The Late Review

I don’t google myself often, (honest), but the other day I did and found to my surprise that Poetry Review had reviewed my pamphlet in winter 2013! My Poetry Review subscription lapsed some time ago along with various other magazines and I hadn’t renewed any of them in an attempt to economise. Anyway, I was anxious to get my paws on the review (for better or worse) and eventually after some manoeuvring I tracked down a copy. It’s not a good review, although the reviewer does make a couple of positive statements, but it’s clear the reviewer was anything but impressed with my kind of poem. That said, I’m really happy with this review (I’m still smiling now actually and I read it about three hours ago) because it’s a review and it’s in Poetry Review.

One of my problems is that I’m inefficient at the admin side of being a poet; what kind of person gets a review in Poetry Review and doesn’t even find out until 9 months later? I also forgot to enter my pamphlet in the Michael Marks pamphlet competition last year too (I was bitter when I realised). I’m officially rubbish and I’m not even sure how to go about getting better at this kind of stuff. Oh well, who cares, I got a review. I did consider extracting a couple of adjectives: superior’, ‘clever’ – Poetry Review, and “quoting” them to describe the old pamphlet, but I have more integrity than that! I’m going to now go and reread my review and then later or tomorrow or sometime this week or next I’m going to re-subscribe to Poetry Review in gratitude.


4 thoughts on “The Late Review

  1. Hi Janet
    Been a bit going round on this on FB and the rest. I’m also bad at tracking stuff, what sent where etc/ Best idea sdeemed to be to create a spreadsheet a la Kim Moore’s suggestion in her Poetry School article. Still not sure I’ll be good at keeping it up to date and weeding out old info. and certainly didn’t like the idea of keeping a Rejections file? Forget them and burn it, I say!

    • Cheers Ken. I do have a spreadsheet which I like and am surprisingly efficient at keeping up-to-date, but this wasn’t on it because I didn’t send it out for review personally. I should have better radar, I can make no satisfactory defense. Just happy to be in there whatever they are saying about me 🙂

  2. Hi Janet, this made me laugh – I rather like the idea of not tracking this sort of thing, just stumbling on it – like finding one’s book featured in Waterstones or something – the joy is in the serendipity. Funny though, that no-one mentioned to you they’d seen it. Then again I guess there are all sorts of things happening that we can’t possibly know about. I was at the last Rialto launch and the table was heaving with Rialto publications and back issues, but the one pamphlet Michael MacMinn pointed me to was yours. So of course I bought it. There’s very likely a mention coming up on my humble blog at some point – not a review as such, and certainly not Poetry Review, but hey! Word gets out one person at a time. Cheers, Robin

    • Hi Robin, thank you, I think you are right about that, I can’t imagine I would have been more pleased than I am now even if I had found out at the time. I don’t know why people didn’t mention it, maybe because it wasn’t a very good review. Thanks so much for buying my pamphlet 🙂 and it is always lovely to be mentioned on someone’s blog, just as exciting as getting a review in Poetry Review, plus I have a good track record of finding blogs than I’m mentioned on, not so much magazines! Warm wishes, Janet

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