I have a pamphlet A Bad Influence Girl with The Rialto, which was published in 2012. You can read reviews of it here:

A Bad Influence Girl Reviews

My favourite poems are poems of the imagination. I love darkness, subtext, narrative, and I think sound and structure are exciting things to consider when writing and reading poems. I’m doing a Creative Writing PhD at the University of Manchester.

This blog is mainly about poems, I have a lot of thoughts about poems and writing, so my intention was to think them on here. As it turns out the blog is much wiser in my head than in reality.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Really interesting to read – thanks for taking the time to share this, Janet. I like your focus on the ‘darkness’ and subtext as these are the kind of things which appeal to me too.
    Looking forward to getting to know your work, and I wish you every success for the future, but big congratuations this far too!

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